Monday, 8 December 2008

At the time
I didn't mourn John.
It was the shock of a Beatle being killed.
At the time I didn't share John's views.
He wouldn't of liked me:
One of those crew-cut SOBs
That he so despised.

Now I am older
In the passing of the years
I have changed.
As I look back through recent history
I have come to realise
Who John was.

He was a man
From the outside who had worked
And gained everything
He thought he wanted:
Money, fame,
Women and acceptance.
He then realised
That most of it
Didn't matter.

It was shallow
And hypocritical.
John decided to live
Life on his own terms.
Speak with his own voice.
A hard voice for peace.
He meant it:
It wasn't lip service
To gain more wealth.

From an early age
John knew himself
To be a genius.
He decided to use it
To speak the truth.

He was in the position
To see society
From all angles:
From bottom to top.
He had the experience,
The intelligence
The passion
To use his voice
On behalf of humanity.
That is why I now
Mourn John

For years
I didn't miss him.
I miss him now.

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auntikrist said...

Very good Martin. I like what you are saying. :)