Friday, 6 April 2012


I feel really stupid to be shedding tears over a dead hamster but Ollie was my daughter’s hamster.  In reality Ollie didn’t do much, he couldn’t even use the hamster exercise wheel but she loved him anyhow.

When Ollie was younger he was very keen on escape.  At the slightest opportunity he would dash for a corner, preferably one that had extremely heavy furniture in front of it, and then if he could, make his way to the toilet when the coast was clear.  From there he would follow the plumbing down and then to freedom!

What actually happened is that Ollie would drop a floor through the house and turn up in the kitchen by the dishwasher two days later.  He would be very hungry.

Anyway, all that is in the past.  I have just buried Ollie out at the front of the house.  Perhaps it is just as well that Miss V is not here to see it today.  I’ll tell her when she gets back from her trip.

Thank you Ollie for been my daughter’s pet.
Ollie the Hamster November 2009 – 6th April 2012