Wednesday, 26 September 2007

Tananger Habour

The old men sit
Chatting in the autumn
Sun, discussing life
And times as old men
have always done.

The boats of Tananger
Habour are too at rest,
For beyond the walls the
Sea is green, angry and

Just as their ancestors
Must have waited,
Both man and craft
Now wait for fairer
Seas and kinder breezes.

All hope for another day.

Hail Autumn!

Hail red-haired Autumn!
You have cast off
The clammy blankets of
Summer from us and
Now the blue of your eyes
Look kindly down from
On high.

Your womb is full
Bursting ripe as plums
Your breath is cool
Carrying the scent
Of roses.

Just as rose petals
Must fall, you too shall
Turn to the earth;
But not yet. Do not go.
Stay and let us below
Enjoy your company for
A while.

Summer is sick

Summer stayed in her
Bed this year.
She is sick
And will not rise.
Her dirty blue-grey sheets
Lay over our heads
Her cold-fevered sweat
Flooded our homes
And Summer’s pestilent breath
Leave blisters on the
Tongues of our cattle.
Summer is sick but
The gulls’ new Pirot faces
Show that her time with us
Is soon to be over.
This year few will
Mourn her passing.

A Poem for Children - There's a Bear in my Hair

There’s a bear in my hair
He’s got tangled there
It’s not fair
I don’t know what to do.
How did he get there?
I don’t know
But I think he sniffed out
The honey shampoo.
So now I have
A bear in my hair
And you better take care
In case you get one too.


Inspired by my daughter Sophia.